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More Talk, Less Action: Fool me once Capcom, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you.

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As most of you who are fans of the FGC know, Capcom just announced Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. This isn’t a huge surprise to many people that have been following the rumors going around for the past week or so. While there have been no announcements of this thus far, I am only hoping for…

I know we haven’t been very active recently!

Both Matt and I have been busy as of late so we haven’t had much time to update about gaming. I did however get Portal 2 so expect a full review once I finish it!


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"I just read the Sent article and I agree.

When the game first came out everyone (and everyone did) complain about Sent (including me). But as the weeks wore on people started finding their way around Sent to the point that he really was not as threatening as he use to be. I mean when I first played I would be like oh ****! Its Sent WTF do I do? Then when I learned Wolverine it became... Oh you have a Sent? BRING IT!

I just think it was cheap of Capcom to just nerf his health. If anything they should have nerfed his damage or like you stated the level 3 x-factor."

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Thanks for your response! I think the Sent nerf was nerfing the wrong thing. His health was never the issue, it was level 3 x-factor Sent that was the issue. Once again, Capcom proves they care more about the money than their loyal fans, but it’s whatever. Sent isn’t really a problem to me anymore either. It’s really predictable when the opponent is going to call out drones, so it’s easy to punish with characters with fast beam HC’s like Akuma and Dorm. I’ve just gotten to the point where I snap him in ASAP to get rid of that annoying assist and most of the time the person gets confused and doesn’t know what to do!


"I’ve been doing pretty bad on MvC3 since I reached 4th Lord. For some reason I’ve been having trouble getting wins but its nice to get a win like this to boost the moral.

I’m in the process of changing my team but for now these guys have been my man (combined usage of 3000) and they’ve gotten me this far.

Hope you guys and others enjoy. Comments and tips (constructive haha) are always welcomed!

Happy gaming!”

Wow, quite a beefy team you’ve got there! You barely squeaked that one out too. If he would have done Haggar’s splash HC he would have killed you! Your team is similar to mine, very basic and nothing flashy. The only thing I noticed is that you burned three bars on Hulk, and it didn’t kill him. My personal opinion is if I know it’s not going to kill, I don’t do it. That’s just me though. Also, I’m not sure if you know this, but in the corner with Hulk instead of just ending with Gamma Tsunami, while in the air you can buffer his charge and do a Gamma Wave on landing and combo that into a Gamma Crush for crazy damage. Hope this helps! Great video though keep it up dude!


I’m back!  Sorry about being gone; it started with anime, then I was gardening, and somehow I ended up at the Biltmore Estate.  But anyway, I’m back and ready to talk about the paltry amount of gaming I did in my absence.

Sometimes, I just have to play through certain games that I loved as a kid, which might explain why I’ve completed Final Fantasy IX and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 4-5 times each.  I might just be weird, but they never get old; I admit that they’ll never be as great as the first time, but the magic is still there.  These are a couple of the games that remind me of way I play video games in the first place.

LoZ:OoT has always had a special place in my heart.  I still remember getting it and the rumble pack for Christmas the year it came out.  After that fateful winter, gaming was never the same for me again.  I developed a lust for the kind of adventures only available through that digital medium. 

It wasn’t long before I was playing RPGs, my current favorite genre.  These games helped make up for the fact that I rarely went far from the familiar Southern town I was born in.  I might not physically travel anywhere, but the games took me to amazing lands I could have never dreamed of.

Video games will always be my escape.  What are video games to you?


Godless Gamers: The top 5 characters in MvC3 (IMO)

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The game has been out for almost two months now and I’ve decided to sit down and decided who I think are the best characters based on things like ease of use, damage to health ratio, speed, combos, assists, and HC’s. No, these aren’t all characters I use and I didn’t pick them because of…

My personal opinion:

5- Viper - Amazing damage, great mixup, builds an assload of meter, great specials, one of 2 overhead assists, Viper is great, albeit one of the more difficult characters to play

4- Taskmaster - Good chip, good zoning, great normals, good assists, OTG super for good damage, builds meter, has a fancy new loop, has great armor breaking normals. Taskmaster is just beastly all around

3- Wesker. Great damage, 1 frame command grab, antiair pistol, good mixup, good damage off anything, OTG assist, low assist, has half of the tools for DHC trick (IE, the counter super

2 - Storm - Hailstorm is amazing, great for utilizing DHC trick, great damage, JCable normals, 8way airdash, good pressure, good zoning, good cross up shenanigans on wake up with her off ground dash. Her runaway is STILL absurdly good. Paired with Morrigan or Amaterasu’s meter building assists, she can build tons of meter quickly while keeping away with whirlwind, airdash, fly, slow fall, and lightning attack

1 - Phoenix - Dark Phoenix getting one hit on a team with full health turns the rest of the match into a crap shoot. ‘Nuff said

I agree, and on second thought Taskmaster would probably be 5th on my list. I know Viper is a great character, but it feels like you have to work mad hard with her to get some work done. The only reason I didn’t give the number one spot to DPho is because she can be snapped in and killed. Most Phoenixes can’t handle this and will just try to back away and raw tag out, which just leaves the next character vulnerable.

True fact:

I’m an Atlus fan-boy.


"How come as soon as I saw "Atlus" I knew this was a post by Matt?"

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Because I don’t play Atlus games? haha

"Did you seriously leave out my super awesome keep away team of Ironman, Chris Redfield, and Sentinel on your top 5 MvC characters hahaha?"

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hahaha yes I did Donald. I think that Sentinel is in the top 10 for sure, but I think that Chris and Iron Man are low mid tier.